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Who are we?

MENTORA is working through non-profit and value-driven forces in a long-term and sustainable manner. Until present our work has been completely financed by private donations and through revenues from our events and product sales. In the future we will strive to make revenue through different kinds of sponsorships and project grants as well. However, non-profit engagement and private donations will always be a valuable part of our organization’s finances. 


Our board is stationed in Sweden and is working non-profit with the activities of the organization. It consists of seven members, and the current board is elected for two years (2020-2022). All seven members have a connection to Guatemala – through studies, work or travel – and are dedicated to making a change for young women in Guatemala. Our mission is that young Guatemalan women will have the opportunity to change their own lives. 

The board organizes activities in order to spread information about Guatemala in Sweden, along with events for financing the organisation’s activities and primarily the student support. The members of the board appoints the mentors of the project.


MENTORA is run by  minimal administration and has two appointed program coordinators in Guatemala. The coordinators work directly with the participantsand are responsible for the payment of the scholarships as well as receiving applications, proof of studies and receipts from the participants. 


Presently we have about ten adepts participating in the mentor program and conducting studies of some form – from university studies to language courses and courses with a practical focus. It has been an extra challenge for our participants conducting distance studies during the pandemic. 


Mentorship is a cornerstone of our organisation. The mentors meet with the adepts a few times per semester. Each adept has their own personal mentor and the reunions are held online. At the request of the adepts, some group reunions have also taken place in order to exchange experiences.


Our members enable our work and without you we would be nothing. The membership fee is going directly to the student support  which we pay  in installments of each term. At present we have about thirty members – and new members are of course always welcomed. MENTORA is open for everyone – with the exception of persons with ties to xenophobic associations. The organization safeguards and cherishes tolerance and diversity regarding gender, age, ethnic or religious background. The membership entails voting rights at the annual meeting and a special insight into MENTORA’s work through meeting and newsletters.


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