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Our work

MENTORA’s vision is to create an equal world, where all people have access to education on equal terms, regardless of gender, ethnicity and socio-economic background.

Our purpose is partly to contribute to a more equitable division of Guatemalan society through access to education for women from socio-economically vulnerable backgrounds. Moreover we want to contribute to a greater understanding in Sweden of Guatemalan women’s situation. 

We strive to:

  • create conditions for the education of young women in Guatemala and eventually a more equal society.
  • strengthen the participants’ empowerment and encourage them to use their rights.
  • inform people in Sweden about the situation for young women in Guatemala. 
  • contribute to change for young women in Guatemala through advocacy work.


We offer students financial support together with a personal mentorship for Guatemalan women between 18 and 30 years of age who need support in order to be able to commence, continue or complete their studies. All the participants are assigned a personal mentor who supports them throughout their studies. All of our mentors have an academic education and a solid knowledge of Central America. They give valuable support to our participants and have at least four reunions during the semester.

Application for mentorship and student support  takes place via our two coordinators on site in Guatemala. Payment is made in installments of each semester, which means twice a year. The student support  is financed completely by donations made to MENTORA, through membership, gifts and events. 90% of the organization’s revenue goes directly to the program’s participants. Read more about the mentorship here:


As a part of our work in informing people in Sweden on Guatemalan women’s situation, MENTORA awards a diploma to a high-school student whose examination project illuminates this in an innovative and educative way. Read more and nominate a project here: