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Through becoming a member of MENTORA you are helping us in offering financial student support  and a personal mentorship for Guatemalan women between 18 and 30 years old. 

You become a member through paying the yearly fee of either 100, 200 or 300 SEK (whatever you wish to contribute!) to:

  • Swish: 1234481800
  • Nordea bankgiro: 473-9157
  • Nordea plusgiro: 811113-0

Mark your payment with “Membership” and enter your email address.

As a member you receive: 

  • newsletters via email several times per year. 
  • invitations to our events. 
  • the possibility of engaging as an ambassador for MENTORA (more info below)

Thank you for joining MENTORA!


Do you want to contribute financially to MENTORA’s work and enable more young women in Guatemala to be offered financial student support  and mentorship? Donate an amount of your choice and mark the payment with “Donation”:

  • Swish: 1234481800
  • Nordea bankgiro: 473-9157
  • Nordea plusgiro: 811113-0

Many thanks for your donation!


As an ambassador for MENTORA there are several ways in which you can contribute to more study grants/scholarships being distributed within the framework of our organization. Fore instance you can:

  • Repost and share MENTORA’s posts on social media. We are on Instagram (link) and Facebook (link).
  • Share our informational material to friends, colleagues and/or family. It can be as simple as leaving a brochure about MENTORA in the staff room at work (or mention our web site and organization on your next video-meeting with work).
  • Put up posters from MENTORA on your school’s bulletin board. 
  • Donate your Facebook birthday collection to MENTORA. (MENTORA exists as an alternative when choosing recipients on Facebook).
  • Ask your family and friends to swish/donate your birthday present/Christmas gift/ other gift to MENTORA.
  • Propose MENTORA as a lecturer at your school/workplace.
  • Give a lecture yourself or invite an interesting lecturer for the activities MENTORA arranges collecting money for the student support.
  • Offer MENTORA help in an area where you have special competence. 

We are so happy and grateful that you exist! You are important for our cause!


There are several  ways to contribute to MENTORA’s work. You can help us both as an individual and as an organisation or company by :

  • Applying to the board. Contact for more info
  • Sponsoring our work
  • Helping us with graphic design 
  • Helping us with product development 
  • Share  your contacts in Guatemala with us

Are you interested in collaborating with us? Read more here